The official home to RC racing in Cork

The Cork Radio Control Racing Club or CRCRC , has members in Cork since 2010 when a group of RC  enthusiasts started meeting up to have fun and race 1/8 scale buggies.  Since then the club has gone from strength to strength  in terms of member numbers and race facilities. From humble beginnings to a now well respected and enjoyed track where people come from all over the island of  Ireland to race either as a member or taking part in RCCAOI national events which the club are delighted to hold on a regular basis. Our track is the only all dirt track in Ireland  and offers challenges from the novice beginner to the pro expert. With our AMB My Laps timing  we will have you timed down the .01 of a second  so you can track your improvements and see how you are doing against all the other competitors.  Why not come and join us and pit your skills against some of the best and not so best.   😉 
He who races the fastest doesn't always win.... he who races the smartest does!
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